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Unparalleled Experience, Wide Range of Categories

At True Lease, you will always find what you are looking for

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Giving you the opportunity to make some additional income from just about anything


Our First Year of Service

What is true lease?

A platform where anyone can lease or rent out items

True Lease allows its customers to be both a client or a customer at the same time. They can either post items to rent out or rent items that are already posted by other customers.

True Lease is a platform that allows clients and customers to connect with each other to lease or rent items they post on our app. It allows customers to post any item or product they would like to lease or rent out.

The Items posted belong to the person who posts and are available on their rental conditions.

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    We connect them to the widest variety of products.

    Our customers have the opportunity to select from a wide variety of products from various categories. You even get multiple options for the same products.

    why choose our service?

    Countless Benefits & Ease of Use

    Our app is so simple to use that you will never run into an issue.

    Simple Interface

    Interface is simple to use and very attractive.

    Verified Users

    Only verified users are allowed to use our app. Both parties are protected this way.


    We currently launched BETA Test version in India. But we will be expanding quickly.

    We will keep you updated.. Follow us on Social Media


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